Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunday Brunchday

One thing that will never, ever be overrated in NYC is Sunday brunch. There really is no better way to spend Sunday afternoons than with friends, eating delicious food & drinking Mimosas. If you've never brunched before, I HIGHLY recommend doing so this weekend. Usually brunch lasts from 12-4, so no need to worry about waking up early with your Saturday night hangover for this activity. And trust me, brunching is a budget friendly activity. Most restaurants offer an all-you-can-drink special for a set price, not to mention the food is half price! Instead of leaving all your work to the last minute and spending Sunday at the library, let me propose this: Get your work done on Saturday. Enjoy Sunday like it was meant to be enjoyed- RELAXING. Stop spending your Sundays dreading the upcoming week and find pleasure in what's left of your precious weekend. In case you have not been entirely convinced already (how could you not be?) here are a few of the restaurants where I have had some unforgettable brunches.

773 10th Ave. at 51st St.
Bottomless Mimosas for $15

Roberto Passon
741 9th Ave. at 50th St.

859 9th Ave. at 56th St.

Bistro 61
61st st. & 1st Ave.


Sarah Collins said...

Another great place for a cheap but good sunday brunch is at the Film Center Cafe (9th Ave between 44th & 45th). The entrees are all $15.95, and then you can add $10 for unlimited drinks!
So good!

Molly said...

I definitely want to try brunch at one of the places you mentioned!

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