Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Young Foodies

While I was home in Jersey this weekend, I stumbled upon an interesting article in the NY Times about food blogs! The article mentioned how food blogs have blown up in New Jersey and restaurants are now used to people coming in with cameras to document their dining experience. What was interesting was that most of the popular food bloggers admitted that they don't accept free meals because they want their ratings to be fair and unbiased. It made me think that it must be hard NOT to accept a free meal from someone who wants to be featured on your blog. But that's the beauty of the blog community...there are still so many bloggers who want to publish without influence from advertisers or for profit.

One of the blogs mentioned that I checked out and will now read daily is A Food Coma. The editor is Alexandra Harcharek who is only 21 years old! The site is aimed at college students and people in their early twenties who have a love for food and dining, yet are tied down by a student budget (kinda like how this blog is supposed to be). On their page they say this:

Amateurs, mostly. Just barely old enough to drink, but not rent our own cars.

But we are also avid learners and experimenters. Food enthusiasts.

We aim to discover new things and then teach others about them.

I really love this little quote because it says a lot about young people, especially in NJ & NY, who are adventurous winers and diners. It's exciting to know that there is an entire community out there of young bloggers...it's definitely a peek into the future of food blogging. Even though it's a Jersey based blog, you should check out A Food Coma, they also have some amazing recipes. I'm eying the "Peasant Pasta w/ Cannellini Beans". Also check out the article from the NY Times. I think I'll add a RSS feed of A Food Coma to my site as well.

One of the Food Coma bloggers capturing a visual of what looks like a delicious meal.

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