Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Last Supper

A book that I've been dying to get my hands on is My Last Supper by Melanie Dunea. Melanie is a very well-known celebrity photographer and she put together this book of famous chefs revealing what their last meals on earth would be.The concept of this book is pretty incredible...if you had tried all of the most decadent food in the world, what would you want for your last meal? How would you decide?
One chef, Jose Andres, said:
he "would recreate a barbecue he once had in an old mill in Tazones, a village in Asturias (northern Spain). It consists of warm tortillas and potato omelets, piles of percebes (gooseneck barnacles), ll├ímpares (snail-like mollusks), and centollos (gigantic spider crabs).”
The photography is amazing in this book. I love the picture below of Mario Batali.
It made me start to think....what would I want MY last supper to be? Would I even be able to decide? The one thing I do know is that it would be a feast, to say the very least. It would have to consist of a mix of my mother's cooking, some memorable meals I've had dining out, and of course a Magnolia cupcake to finish it all off. What would YOUR last supper be?


Pat H. said...

i would ask for a guest swipe to the Ultimate Dining Marketplace

Amanda said...

i think olive, bread, and wine would do the trick...

Peter Bruce Photo said...

soul food
Peter Bruce photo

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