Monday, February 8, 2010

Ed's Chowder House

On Thursday night, my two roommates and I made the impromptu decision to take advantage of Restaurant Week one last time before it ended this past Sunday, so sad! We all got out of class at 5:15 p.m after a long day and were craving a little indulgence. After reading reviews of a few restaurants and seeing which of these restaurants would actually take us with only a 2 hour notice, we found Ed's Chowder House. If you are a frequent Ram Van rider, you might have noticed this restaurant on 63rd and Columbus. It sits on the second floor above P.J Clarke's and next to Rosa Mexicano (which was actually our first choice).

We hopped on the 6.30 Ram Van and made it just in time for our 7.30 reservation. When we walked in the door, the place was PACKED. Even though we had a reservation, we still had to wait a half hour so we headed over to the bar for a cocktail. I tried one of their "antioxidant martinis" ($9, a little bit of a splurge). It had acai berry extract in it and was actually pretty delicious.

When we were finally seated and our waitress had read over all the specials that we knew we weren't going to order, we were famished. We immediately pointed at the Restaurant Week menu and it was decided. We all started with the New England Clam Chowder well, because this place DOES classify itself as a "chowder house". We were not disappointed. This chowder was AMAZING I mean, really really good. And they gave us a huge portion, a lot more than at One If By Land. Probably a bad idea though, because after an entire bowl of that, we were all quite full.

Before we were even served our main course, our waitress was asking us if we wanted "coffee or anything" and she did that a couple of times. We had to break it to her that we hadn't even eaten our entrees yet. She was pretty flustered and embarrassed but we were so full from the chowder that we didn't mind waiting. I tried the Grilled Skate with lentils & pearl onions. It was also very tasty and a generous portion for Restaurant Week. I'm glad we fed into our indulgent side and ventured out into the restaurant world one more time. Overall-Ed's is a fun place, but way too expensive for college students. So, when your birthday comes around, remember to mention this place to your parents because it's definitely worth a visit!

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