Monday, February 22, 2010

Fresh & Local

One thing that I feel guilty about as my time living in the Bronx comes to an end is not taking enough advantage of the fresh produce that is available on Arthur Ave. Shopping at specialty stores for individual ingredients does take more effort, but buying things fresh makes a difference. We are so lucky to have amazing butcheries, a fish market, a cheese shop, a bakery and so many other stores that value their products with extreme pride.

One thing I love about shopping on Arthur Ave is stopping at the oyster bar next to Umberto's to have a few oysters or clams with hot sauce. So delicious!

In the spring, when it gets warmer, I'm planning to utilize my neighborhood for cooking ingredients instead of heading to the grocery store to buy things in bulk and watch as they quickly go bad after a week in the fridge.

Last year, I bought my dad the Arthur Ave Cookbook for Father's Day and I think its about time that I steal it for a little while. Not only does it have great Italian recipes straight from the restaurants in the Belmont community, but it also has a little history about each place and biographies about the families that have owned these places for generations. I recommend checking it out, you can find it at the Arthur Ave. Market


Courtney Schiessl said...

I've never seen this cookbook! Maybe I should try to pick it up; where on Arthur can you get it? It would definitely be interesting to try some recipes for my blog!

Alicia C. said...

Sweet find!

Abby said...

Wow, I had no idea there was such thing as this cookbook! I am really considering getting it for my mom!

SRomeo said...

Oh wow, I must get a dozen of these to give as gifts; they would be so appreciated. I have never heard of this either, but now that I have I feel like my Fordham experience won't be complete without one. Thanks for sharing!

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