Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Super Bowl Goodies

I just found the most amazing Super Bowl recipe to try on Noble Pig's blog. I think my friends will thank me. It's the Buffalo Chicken Dip which would probably taste delicious with some toasted bread. It's a fun spin off of the traditional hot wings and if we're trying to order them from Howl, let's face it, we'll probably get them by the end of the game. Not that I really follow football, but now I can't wait for Sunday. Click here if you want to try this recipe for yourself. I'll definitely keep you updated on how it turns out.

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Ben Cortese said...

I am going to apologize before hand because I plan on eating all of your Buffalo Chicken Dip. Sorry. I wonder how well it could go on some toasted whole wheat pita. I cannot wait.

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