Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jamie Oliver-Food Revolution

Most people know that America is considered the most unhealthy country in the world. Our eating habits aren't exactly admirable when fast food is the cheapest and most accessible option for meals. I've started watching Jamie Oliver's new show "Food Revolution" and I've been shocked to say the least.

Jamie Oliver is a famous British chef who has done a lot of work in Britain to change school lunch menus to be healthier and for kids to become more educated about eating healthy.

In the show, Jamie travels to Huntington, West Virginia which is considered the most unhealthy city in the US. His mission: to improve the eating habits of this town and educate people about healthy foods.

The first place he visits is the elementary school, where it was shocking to see that the kids' breakfasts were comprised of "breakfast pizzas" and chocolate milk. Then the kids would proceed to have another pizza for lunch; never any fruits or vegetables. I feel as though most people would agree that their experience in elementary school was similar to this. When I think about what I ate for lunch at school, chicken fingers, french fries, hamburgers, and soda fountains come to mind.

The problem seems to be that these kids just knew nothing about healthy eating habits. In this clip, Jamie goes to one of the classrooms to test the kids to see if they could even identify different types of vegetables.

Pretty shocking, huh? The show is actually kind of a tear jerker (okay, so I cry during every episode) but it's actually pretty scary how many people in America die of obesity simply because they don't know how to cook and eat healthy. I obviously don't think that Jamie Oliver can single handedly change the people eat in the US but I think it's great exposure and a huge reality check as to how many people are killing themselves because of the way they eat. It also really makes me want to try one of Jamie Oliver's recipes...which I'll post when I do. But definitely check out the show...I watched all the episodes on Hulu but the show is on every Friday night.


Jessica said...

If you feel inspired by Jamie's campaign, he has created an online petition, promoting healthy food for children, that he will present to the White House. You can find the petition here: Pass it along!

Amanda said...

I am SO excited for this show! I hope that child obesity (and adult obesity for that matter) finally get some help and get under control!

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