Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wait! Don't eat that...Let me document it first.

Ok, I love to read cooking & dining blogs...but can you imagine keeping track of every single thing you put in your mouth, and then posting a picture of it online? This concept seems pretty bizarre to me, but apparently it's becoming pretty popular. 

This guy posts pictures every week of EVERY single thing he eats. There are no explanations as to why he does what he does on the website, just pictures. 

Then there is a Flickr group dedicated to people sharing pictures of their meals, and I have to admit that I found this website way more appealing. Some of the pictures, like the ones below, are pretty fantastic, not to mention make stomach growl. 
There is also a website called "Tweet What You Eat" which helps people keep track of their food & calorie intake. I admire the originality of this website and how it makes people feel as though they are part of a community of others who are trying to lose weight. Keep in mind how much you would have to stick to this website for it to actually work though...which is where I would get lost and most likely be unsuccessful. 

The world of food blogging is rapidly expanding and it's pretty exciting! And the idea that food photography is taking on its own art form is pretty cool. I think I might need to start taking more pictures... and possibly join that Flickr group! 


Abby said...

This is really interesting! I've heard of people keeping food journals, but never blogging about it. I can't say I'd be able to stay on top of that and post it online, but I'm sure it definitely helps some people!

SRomeo said...

Sometimes if I'm eating something that looks nice I'll take a cell phone picture of it first for no particular reason other than to immortalize it in some way. But this is a much better idea.

Kelly O'Halloran said...

Interesting! I never had heard about people blogging/tweeting what they eat. It does sound pretty tedious, not to mention what I eat is not something I think anyone would want to look at pictures of. Who wants to look at a picture bowl of dry cereal with milk or of a sandwhich from Fordham's deli?? Good for those people though who eat tasty enough looking meals every meal to document that.

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