Monday, April 19, 2010

A settle for The Fireplace

Yesterday was a sad day. My friends and I drove all the way to White Manna for a deliciously indulgent meal and it was CLOSED. We all teared up a little when we had just missed the last servings of sliders by only 10 minutes. When you're craving White Manna, nothing else will remotely compare or come close to satisfaction.
But, because my roommate Carly and I wanted to show our Massachusetts friends that Jersey CAN have little gems that make the state what it is, we took them to the next best thing we could think of: The Fireplace. Also a burger joint, The Fireplace is an old classic, the kind of place that has been a hidden gem for Jersey natives for decades. It sits along the truck-heavy highway of Route 17 and looks like it hasn't been redone since the early 50s. The Fireplace has a bizarre patriotic theme and the inside resembles an old log cabin. The walls are covered with Civil War memorabilia that seem like they have hung there since the war started.
The food is decent. The milkshakes are perfect. There are three different ordering stations: The Burger Station, the Chicken Station, and the Pizza Station. Weird, I know. But the Fireplace is one of those places that you visit for the atmosphere, the coziness of it all. Not necessarily for the food. It's a family place, where you went with your parents after a baseball game or with your class after a field trip. And sometimes these kinds of places are worth the mediocre food to have the childhood memories come flooding back.


Alyssa Carnazza said...

HAHAH i love this. GO FIREPLACEEE!! Rt. 17 whaddddup?

Ben Cortese said...

I was so upset that White Manna was closed! However, my first time at the Fireplace was awesome. I really enjoyed the patriotic theme, and the burgers weren't so bad. Thanks for bringing me to this fine establishment.

P.S. I kind of want to order from the breakfast station.

Helen said...

The Fireplace! I grew up in Bergen County... at least for a little while. The Fireplace is like a landmark of my childhood- I have such great memories of eating there as a kid (complete with birthday brownies), and even occasionally returning once we had moved to New York (about a 45 minute drive from where I live now). It was always such a cool part of my history because my mom had grown up going there too. The Fireplace is why I still have a soft place for Jersey in my heart.

I haven't been for so long, and you have just inspired me to make a vow to return there in the near future. Thank you!

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